New year – Stronger Philosophy

The new year always brings with it new ideas, new resolutions, and in some cases an actual commitment to live better, do better, and accomplish more.

At this point, we are over half way through the very first month. Are you sticking to your guns, or have you already become distracted enough by everyday stuff to lay your hopes and dreams by the wayside?

This is the first of a series of blogs I will be bringing to you. It is our thinking that determines the results. Keeping on track , not allowing anything or anyone hinder our mission.

I will be sharing very simple tips to help you get where you want to go.

Just imagine yourself being healthy and happy. Just imagine. Take 5 minutes  to imagine how good it would feel being extremely healthy and happy. Picture it, imagine it, to the point where you can feel it. The more you feel it the more the body responds to what the control tower orders. Yes your brain is your control tower. Just like the hypnotist tells a patient he is being burnt when he is touched by a cool or cold item. The mind can actually tell the body it is being burnt forming a blister on the skin when the item was not hot at all. The body believes what the mind tells it, so why not program yourself to look good feel good and have more energy. Imagine it and feel it.

Suggestions, rather than constantly and consistently dwelling on how your life and body have been up until now, why not change the thinking and change the outcome.

Don’t say I want to be rich. Why? Because what the mind is actually telling the body is you are not rich. Say, ” I am rich. I am healthy. I am happy. I am attractive. I am doing better than I have ever done in my entire life.”

Don’t say , “I want to be healthy”. What the mind is knowing is that you are not healthy right now. Change that thinking. Sort of like faking it til you make it.

If you said, I am so overweight, so unhappy and I hurt everywhere. I am so lonely and depressed. Your body says , ” you are so right all the time, I am so sick.” And you get sicker.  Knock that off. Use your brain, dare to dream and act as though you are already where you want to be. Make sense, doesn’t it? I will show you more as we grow. Enjoy the weekend. Take some time to think your way to happiness. People love you and you know that. Just imagine !

Talk soon

stan medicine man

Stan Townsend

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