What is your favorite time of day?

cancun sunriseThis is my favorite time of day. Being at peace before all the daily distractions come into play. And they will. Guaranteed. But this time of day your mind is still hanging on to whatever you were dreaming about on the subconscious level. This moment carries on in to the rest of your day. Ya know, like hearing a song first thing in the morning causes you to carry that song with you throughout the day. I love this part of the day for that reason. It gives me a moment to give thanks and feel Blessed, yet it gives me a moment to think and try my best to hang on to the subconscious feelings as I come out of my sleep and prepare to face the day. Get to know your subconscious. Here’s where we get heavy. Your subconscious mind  acts on what you program into it.  I know to some that may sound weird, especially if you are an extremely energetic and driven individual, feeling overwhelmed.  But think about this for a moment before your day gets out of control.

You have your consciousness, where you are aware of your surroundings. This is in many cases, loaded with stresses hustle and bustle , as well as fears of some sorts. Financial or health or loneliness , or whatever….  But your subconscious level is where you get stuff done. This is your control tower.  Practice feeling a thought that you have put into your imagination. Example: you want to be strong, you want to be healthy, you want to stop gaining weight, you want to look good feel good and have more energy. Well what would that feel like?  Practice feeling what being healthy  and strong would feel like. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that feeling in the body.  What would it feel like?   Imagine how good it feels being healthy and happy and strong. Work with those sensations the body has as it responds to your thoughts. Literally bathe in it. Yes , soak it up. You have been needing this for a long time. Soak it all up. Imagine , feel, and absorb those sensations. The body will begin to respond as though this is reality. We spend too many wakening hours thinking about what we need to be doing and what we want and how we will get it , or how will we ever get out of this hole we are in, yet we never take the time to let the body go to work. If you get in the habit of spending just 5 minutes before bedtime thinking of how you want things to be, how you want to live and imagining you are already there, soaking in those feelings, as you drift off to la la land and fall into deep sleep, you will be amazed at the new direction your life takes on. Upon wakening you spend 5 minutes imagining, visualizing and allowing your body to feel those sensations again and I promise you,  you will be truly amazed at the shift. Like a hypnotist telling you something is hot as he touches you causing your skin to get red possibly blister, yet he was touching you with a cool object. Your mind believes, therefore causes the body to respond. It is the same exact way you will learn this art of using your imagination, your feelings and your brain to program and create a new you. Have fun with it and don’t hold yourself back. Be realistic. I can imagine myself 6 feet tall all I want but I will never be 6 feet tall. I can imagine myself being healthy and happy and attractive. I can imagine being surrounded by like minded friends who love to travel and have fun. I can imagine meeting the woman of my dreams. I can imagine living the good life. And I AM.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate you. It feels good having a friend like you.

Talk soon

Stan Townsend

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